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Chat With Your Friends From PC Without Limits!

WhatsApp for PC – Windows 10 Software for Sharing Messages

If you want to chat via your computer and save your phone battery for something more important, WhatsApp for PC is an essential tool.

Chat, share media content, record voice messages, discuss important topics regarding your study, work or just leisure time – All in One App.

In Conclusion [WhatsApp for PC]

Perfect Management

It has never been so easy to create group chats for family members or coworkers, archive and delete unneeded conversations. You can also talk to your friends sending Voice and Video Calls.

Perfect Management [WhatsApp for PC]

Sending Media Content

WhatsApp for PC is a fantastic tool to share videos and photos, take snaps and send photos using a camera, record voice messages. Besides, it’s a sound way to save your Media Content and Files.

Sending Media Content [WhatsApp for PC]

Sharing Emotions

With the app's clean interface, it’s easy to use emoticons and stickers to express your mood, as well as change your photo and status according to Your Thoughts.

Sharing Emotions [WhatsApp for PC]

Smart Features

Synchronization of all your contacts and chats with the mobile app makes WhatsApp for PC a fantastically convenient tool. More than that, it’s very sleek to manage the program using the Set of Hotkeys.

Perfect Management [WhatsApp for PC]

Super Protection

With the app, you secure all your messages and files sent to anybody by encryption. It means that no one can read your chats except you and Person You Are Talking To.

Super Protection [WhatsApp fro PC]

In Conclusion

Thanks to all its features, WhatsApp for PC is a superb software to keep in touch with people, to stay informative and productive, as well as to make your Messages Emotionally Colored.

WhatsApp for PC – Windows 10 Software for Sharing Messages

Learn more about app’s featuresDownload WhatsApp for PC Now!


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by Kate Davydova | Last updated: December 05, 2018