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Control your Windows 10 System with Manager for Devices Gold 🔎

Secrets of Easy Device Control

Manager for Devices Gold is a Control Software for Windows 10 OS - Available for Safe Download from NeonBand Store

 Manager for Devices Gold - NeonBand Software

Why Our Software? Top Benefits

There are many reasons why hardware may not work properly, that's why Manager for Devices Gold will be helpful for everybody. For each device, you can get access to the following hardware properties:

  • Operating System
  • Central processing unit (CPU)
  • Full display's characteristic
  • All about your Windows properties
  • Network data
  • Battery Status
  • Connected devices
  • Other technical properties

Manager for Devices Gold - Windows 10 PC and Mobile Phone

Useful Functionality for Everyone

Manager for Devices Gold supports features for exporting report, copying and printing info or even sharing your hardware data with others. This is useful for instant reporting about problems to third parties such as technical support personnel.

Manager for Devices Gold - Hardware Summary Info

Put The Paint Where It Aint

You can also write, draw, or highlight text in your reports with Windows Ink Tool that is enabled in the app. The Inking pen is customizable and portable: choose colors, erase, change transparency & more.

Manager for Devices Gold - Windows Ink Tool

Manager for Devices Gold software provides the ability to identify, view, and save hardware reports. Get quick access to any device info! Install from NeonBand Store!


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by Kate Vlasenko | Last updated: April 19, 2018