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Get Superior Experience With One of the Best Browsers Ever!

Mozilla Firefox – Windows 10 Powerful Web Browser

You can hardly find a person who doesn’t appreciate the time, who enjoys downloading one web page for ages. Everyone wants to be productive and save effort and working hours.

We are glad to announce you Mozilla Firefox - Super Fast and Clear Browser!

Mozilla Firefox – Windows 10 Powerful Web Browser

Speed and Security

Mozilla Firefox is a quick, easy, and safe browser. In addition, it provides a pop-blocker, an anti-phishing filter to protect your privacy.

Speed and Security with Mozilla Firefox

Smart Search

Mozilla Firefox foresees your requirements and provides you with the most exact results and possibilities.

Smart Search with Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox doesn’t save your browsing history or cookies when a private browsing mode is active. However, you can delete your history and passwords when it is inactive.

Privacy with Mozilla Firefox

Minimalistic Design

Its efficient and clean interface with customization options makes the browser smooth, intuitive and easy in use.

Minimalistic Design in Mozilla Firefox

More Details for You

You can open as many tabs as you wish without losing track of active web-pages. Moreover, there is an option to put bookmarks not to lose the needed content.

Summing Up

Run the network faster, smoother, and safer with Mozilla Firefox. We promise you, you would surely like this smart software.

Learn more about app’s features & Download Mozilla Firefox Now!


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by Kate Davydova | Last updated: December 04, 2018

Jack for PDF is professional PDF Editor & Viewer for your Windows 10 devices!

Smart PDF Editor - Full Software Review

Jack for PDF Promotion

There are many PDF viewing and editing apps, but only a few that offer inking and annotation, and we'd like to tell you More About Jack for PDFJack for PDF NeonBand Store

Why it's Worth Installing

Jack for PDF is a nice app for viewing and editing PDF files, including password-protected ones. You can edit the text of the document and add your own as well as add different figures like lines, circles, squares, and draw the documents.

Jack for PDF - PDF Editing

PDF Editing Much Easier Now

While editing, you can highlight, underline, or strikethrough the text or add more text and change the color and transparency of the added text. The app allows you to draw on the document, and experience the ultimate modern writing experience with Surface Pen. You can change the transparency of the drawn elements, add figures, and change the color of contour and fill added figures.

Jack for PDF - Surface Pen Inking

Additional Features You Get

You can also change the scale of the document or the brightness of the background document, and view the entire change history with the ability to undo or redo changes.

In addition, Jack for PDF supports Windows Hello to protect access to the app and Cortana to navigate via voice commands.

Jack for PDF - Background Usage

Download Jack for PDF on your Windows 10 PCs, Tablets, and Windows 10 Mobile devices.


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by Kate Vlasenko | Last updated: April 16, 2018