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Blu-ray S – Windows 10 Blu-ray, DVD Disks & Media Player

There is no need to search for playback app anymore, as we have designed stable, flexible, and smooth software.

Blu-ray S includes everything you expect from a media player. It brings movies and music to each moment of your life!

Blu-ray S – Windows 10 Blu-ray, DVD Disks & Media Player

Exceptional Management

Playlist management has never been so smooth before. Being a magic wand, Blu-ray S helps you to create, arrange and edit your media stuff, to search through them extremely simple and fast.

Exceptional management with Blu-ray S

High-Quality Playback

Allow yourself high-quality sound! With the app, you can play multimedia content, Blu-ray and DVD disks in most popular formats, such as ASF, AVI, MKV, MP4, MPE, MPG, WM, and more.

High-quality playback with Blu-ray S

Efficient User Interface

The options are skillfully arranged, and it doesn’t take much effort to find anything you need. All you need is to enjoy your favorite movie or track.

Efficient user interface [Blu-ray S]

Neat Tricks

Sound adjustment, excellent subtitle support, audio tracks selection, full-screen mode, changing of the interface color – make Blu-ray S a powerful and cool application.

Neat tricks in Blu-ray S

In Conclusion

Blu-ray S is an advanced program that gives you unlimited possibilities. Enjoy a high-quality playback, a simple interface, powerful options, and more!

Learn more about app’s features & Download Blu-ray S Now!


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by Kate Davydova | Last updated: December 04, 2018


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