Colorful Sticky Notes for Windows 10 - Easy to Remember Everything

The secret to successful remembering everything - Sticker Notes Gold

Sticker Notes Gold for Windows 10

Everybody Loves Sticky Notes

People all over the world use sticky notes every day. In school, at work, and at home — people use sticky notes all the time. So if you are having trouble keeping everything in mind, you are you're not alone.

Sticky Notes Board

Sticky Notes for Your Desktop

Sticker Notes Gold is a desktop notes application for Windows 10, that allows you to pin colorful virtual notes. Sticky notes can be made in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Using the app is more than simple: Enter the note text — Change the font and the text color — Design your notes with drawings— Pin to the App's Desktop.

Sticker Notes Gold - Work with the app

Summing Up

The application Sticker Notes Gold is good for helping you write notes for remembering things. Open your creative soul with awesome with new art of sticky notes. Download the App Now!

Sitcker Notes Gold Software on Background

You can also watch a Video Tutorial on our YouTube Channel to learn how to make some super-cool reminders on your Windows 10 devices.


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by Kate Vlasenko | Last updated: April 18, 2018

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