Create Amazing Stories, Games, and Animations

Scratch – Fantastic Windows 10 Coding Environment

Solve problems, design unique projects, share them with your friends and mates, communicate without limits – Make it easy with Scratch!

Scratch – Fantastic Windows 10 Coding Environment

Incredible Choice

The software is designed for the young generation with a strong desire to create their own programs and clips. Scratch is about implementing the most creative ideas and plans, nonstop self-studying, and self-realization.

Incredible Choice With Scratch

Pumping Your Skills

With the platform, your kid and you can easily develop and improve programming talents. Build up numerous objects, interact them with each other, add sound and apply incredible effects.

Pumping Your Skills with Scratch

Learning Community

It has never been so easy to share your clips and animations with other young developers, teachers, and parents. View and enjoy other members’ videos.

Learning Community With Scratch

In Short

Create, refine, and share cool projects wherever you are, at home, at the library, or at community centers.

Scratch – Imagination, Logical thinking, and Creativity!

In Short With Scratch

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by Kate Davydova | Last updated: March 27, 2019

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