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5 Reasons to Install XLS(x) Editor

Nowadays much more people use Excel editing Software to organize, manage, analyze data, to study, to work, to remember all tasks, etc. Of course, there is a variety of programs you can edit the data in Excel with. However, are you sure they are the best? In this blog post, we'll ensure you why XLS(x) Editor is The Best for You!

Install XLS(x) Editor from NeonBand Store

Ascending and Descending Sorting 

You can sort your data on one column or multiple columns applying the ascending or descending order. Let’s take an example and look at the screenshot. Everything is simpler than you think.

Ascending and Descending Sorting (Excel Editor)

Text Formatting in Cells

Formatting text plays an important role in any type of doc editing. With our software, you can easily format text or numbers in Excel cells to make smaller or larger (depends on worksheet space). This also includes things like changing the font color, style, size and horizontal/ vertical text alignment.

Text Formatting in Cells (Excel Editor)

Take Screenshots and Draw with Ink Tool

Sometimes it's extremely important to save important moments while editing. Without wasting time XLS (x) Editor offers you the most convenient features to do so. Just take a screenshot, annotate needed details on the Excel sheet, then save or share with others. There is also a built-in Windows Ink tool for you. You can draw with digital pens, pencils, and brushes on your own & enjoy working in Excel.

Take Screenshots and Draw with Ink Tool

Share your Spreadsheets with Friends

XLS (x) Editor supports not only tools of creating and editing spreadsheets, but also the easiest feature to share documents with others - in a click. Sharing allows you to send files to others and invite other users to collaborate on them. Sharing means that the people you shared files with will be able to view and edit them.

Share your Spreadsheets with XLS (x) Editor

XLS (x) Editor provides plenty of tools and features not only to edit in XLS, XLSX but also to customize the editing process that perfectly matches your wishes.

Learn other techniques to edit efficiently in Excel. Install XLS (x) Editor from NeonBand Store!


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by Kate Vlasenko | Last updated: June 1, 2018



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