Explorer for Cloud Drive Pro

Explorer for Cloud Drive Pro is an amazing solution to store any file in the cloud. Keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos and more. This app will help you not only to free up device memory, but also save your files, regardless of what will happen to your device. Start to work with files conveniently right now!
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  • Full navigation of folders that uploaded to Google Drive, which are starred, trashed, recent and shared with you.
  • Download and Upload drive files from Google Drive.
  • Synchronisation of files
  • Managing files and folders: rename, copy, move, send to trash, delete and mark with an asterisk.
  • Share files
  • Automatically upload photos, videos and screens to cloud
  • Ability to open already downloaded files to your computer from Google Drive without an Internet connection.
  • Search for files.
  • Adding multiple accounts.


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