Facebook - Windows 10 Facebook Desktop Social Network

With Facebook, you would surely stay connected to people important to you. Collecting dozens of personal data types, the software can be surely titled the most progressive network. It proposes people you may know, events, publications, video and audio content due to your taste, and much more. Express yourself publishing photos and thoughts on Facebook. Download Free from NeonBand Store Now!
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Keeping in touch: Connect with your family members, friends, co-workers, and new people.

Great organizer: Upload, save and share an unlimited number of photos and videos.

Notifications: Get announcements when friends like or comment on your posts.

Event calendar: Stay informed with local social events, and make plans to meet up with friends.

Sharing information: Write posts to share thoughts with friends, tag them, express emotions.

Personal data: Change your main and cover photo, edit your profile with one click.

Emoticons and stickers: Use a great variety of smileys and animated stickers.

Privacy settings: Keep your posts or photos private. Modify special privacy in settings.

Hobbies and interests: Follow your favorite artists, websites, and companies latest news.

Pages and groups: Create new communities to connect with friends and followers.

Promotion: Advertise your own business, brand or organization.

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