Fast & Convenient for Files Transfer [Manager for Files]

Introducing Manager for Files

Manager for Files is a powerful tool for Windows 10! A file manager is one of the must-have programs for Every PC. Today, we'll tell you why Manager for Files is the best among all. Let's identify positive sides and the opportunities it provides.

Introducing Manager for Files

Super Fast and Easy Navigation

First of all, our software is focused on giving you the best user experience, and of course productivity without complaints or interruptions. It's easy for everyone to start working with Manager for Files right after launching.

Fast and Easy Navigation with Manager for Files

Full Set of Keyboard Shortcuts

In the bottom panel of the app, you'll see all features to work with your files and folders. It's extremely fast to operate via keyboard shortcuts, just click and Manager for Files will do the rest for you!

Add drive - F1 / Select all - F2 / Deselect - F3 / Rename - F4 / Copy - F5 / Move - F6 / New folder - F7 / Delete - F8 / Pack - F9 / Open settings - F10 / Unpack - F11 / Sort - F12

Full Set of Keyboard Shortcuts in Manager for Files

Sorting Tool for Files and Folders

One of the important tools to keep things organized is sorting. Manager for Files includes sorting by name, extension, size, date and time of creation.

Sorting Tool for Files and Folders in Manager for Files

Packing / Unpacking any Archives

In case you'd like to receive more than just data transfer, you can also use our software as file archiver in RAR, TAR, ZIP, GZIP, and other popular formats. This allows you to combine files or folders together, then easily transport them between your drives.

Packing / Unpacking any Archives with Manager for Files

Optional Features of Manager for Files

There are also Windows Hello and Cortana support which let you be 100% sure in the app's protection as well as to use via voice commands. Our developers always follow innovate features that comes with Windows 10 Updates, so if you have any suggestions, submit your feedback, please.

Summing Up

Manager for Files offers an easy-to-use and smart interface, two panels of active drives with the ability to drag-and-drop, built-in archiving tool, quick sync with your actions, and even more you should try.

Learn more about app's features & Download Manager for Files Now!


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by Kate Vlasenko | Last updated: July 04, 2018

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