HxD Hex Editor - Windows 10 Disk and Memory Modifying Software

HxD Hex Editor is a superior tool for comfy data working. Regardless of file size, the app provides you with seamless and fast managing. It allows to modify RAM and make changes in raw disks as well. This all-in-one solution supports searching and replacing, exporting data in different formats, checksums, merging and splitting files, bookmarks, statistics, and that’s not all. With the editor, you get the possibility to implement your own program code, as well as correct objects. The utility pays special attention to swift, flexible, and efficient operating. Change files easily with HxD Hex Editor! Install from NeonBand Store Now!
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Handy opening and editing regardless of file size.

Support tabs and floating panels for convenient managing.

Possibility to inspect code to get better understanding of object structure.

Support for editing functions, as searching, replacing, copying, pasting, and more.

Applying your own code, exploring objects with unknown extensions, and make corrections.

User-friendly interface with features like highlighting, bookmarking, unlimited undo, and so on.