Jack for PDF - Windows 10 PDF Annotation Software

Jack for PDF - App with the great collection of powerful editing tools for any PDF docs! This editor includes the high level of productivity as well as features like adding text, shapes, images; merging, splitting, rotating, and more for easy PDF work. Get started with Jack for PDF now!
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  • PDF editing tools: changing, modifying, adding your text.

  • Adding notes, hyperlinks, text boxes, rectangles, arrows, lines, ovals, squares etc.

  • Text annotation tools: highlighting, underlining, strikethrough.

  • Adding color and transparency to the added text.

  • Ability to move and delete any text from PDF docs.

  • Tools for drawing: pens in all styles, the palette of colors.

  • Changing the transparency of the drawn items.

  • Changing colors of contours; filling added items.

  • Adding figures of different size, color, transparency, contour.

  • Ability to move and delete added figures.

  • Adjusting the scale in PDF file.

  • Adjusting the brightness of background in PDF file.

  • Creation your own color palette.

  • Support for Undo-Redo.

  • Convenient browsing through PDF pages.

  • Saving in the original PDF file after editing.

  • Storage your editing history. Quick access to it.

  • Support for all PDF docs, including password-protected ones.

  • Support for useful Hotkeys combinations.

  • Support for Cortana voice commands.

  • Secure PDF editing with Windows Hello tool.

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