Make DJing a Vital Part of Your Music Life!

VirtualDJ 2018 – Fantastic Music Mixing Software

From stadiums to private parties, from clubs to home training – VirtualDJ 2018 would become your number one tracks mixing program! Designed for those who can’t live without music beats and fusion.

VirtualDJ 2018 – Fantastic Music Mixing Software

Superb Effects

VirtualDJ 2018 is a fully-featured app for mixing, adjusting, and matching tracks to make them sound really cool – from traditional flanger, echo to modern effects like a slicer, loop-roll, and much more.

Superb Effects with VirtualDJ 2018

Handy Management

With the app, you can create, organize, and arrange all your tracks into awesome playlists according to your taste or some special parameters. Moreover, you can access your tracks anytime you need.

Handy Management with VirtualDJ 2018

Live Recording

It has never been so simple to burn out all needed audio files to high-quality CD disks. Everything is possible with this professional tool.

Live Recording with VirtualDJ 2018

Cool Features

The app can not only play audio tracks, but also video and karaoke. Just connect your PC to a projector or a club’s screen and enjoy singing your favorite songs with the best friends.

Cool Features with VirtulaDJ 2018

Summing Up

VirtualDJ 2018 is a multifunctional software for making hits from ordinary tracks that can also be used to record mixtapes, podcasts, or to broadcast to Internet radio stations.

Summing Up with VirtualDJ 2018

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by Kate Davydova | Last updated: January 18, 2019

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