Photo Pos Pro - Windows 10 Graphic Images Editing Software

Photo Pos Pro is a cool image editor with the set of professional functionality. The app is designed to handle all the graphical functions related to image editing and presentations. With the app, you can easily improve images, like use red-eye reduction, move unnecessary objects from the photo, add postcards or text on them, and that’s not all! Let your pics look more efficient and stunning with Photo Pos Pro! Download Free from NeonBand Store!
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Superb Adjustments

With the software, you can easily modify the tone of the image, contrast, gamma, shadows, etc.

Additional Possibilities

You can open multiple files at the same time, undo and repeat actions as many times as you need.

Numerous Formats

After editing, the app allows you to save your images in different formats, such as RAW, JPEG, GIF, PNG.

Cool Set of Features

You can remove unwanted objects or backgrounds from the pic, or retouch existing photos to enhance them.

Work With Text

Adjust the size and color of the text, add shadows or glare. The typing flows within a frame that makes the use of the software more convenient.

Optimized Layout

Enjoy Photo Pos Pro clear interface for experts and beginners. Save the most demanded functions which you can customize according to your specifications.

Graphical Effects & Filters

You would surely enjoy red-eye and noise reduction, sharpness, blur, gradients, textures, and filters. Moreover, you can create own filters and add them to the library.

Ability to Use Layers

As it is highly recommended to design projects consisting of several layers to edit any part of the image easily, you can create, delete, and rename layers with one click.

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