Player for Media Gold - Windows 10 Media Player

Player for Media Gold - Playback of your favorite media content! This Software is specially designed for audio & video playback on your Windows 10 PCs, Mobiles, Tablet devices. Includes support for MOV, VOB, MPG, QuickTime, FLV, MKV, and 200 more. Player for Media Gold has a lot of useful and exciting features like Playing media files in different formats; Convenient search tool for SoundCloud and YouTube content; Creating and editing playlists;; Online-TV; Equalizer; Audio cast and much more! ♛ The Software is 100% safe, without advertisements and watermarks, has regular updates and feature improvements. + All your feature suggestions will be accepted. Player for Media Gold - Immersive Media Playback, Customizable Features, Smart Design. Download from NeonBand Store Now!
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  • Multimedia playback (MOV, VOB, MPG, QuickTime, FLV, MKV, etc).
  • Personal Playlists | Create, Browse, Edit.
  • PC Equalizer | Sound booster to 200%.
  • SoundCloud music | Search, Listen, Cache.
  • music | Search, Listen, Cache.
  • YouTube videos | Search, Watch, Cache.
  • Online radio stations | Search, Listen, Enjoy.
  • Audio-cast feature.
  • Online-TV. Supported protocols: rtmp :, ff-rtsp:, rtp:, udp:, mmsh:, mmst:, gopher:, ff-http:, ff-https.
  • Playback with subtitles. Supported formats: .ass, .aqt, .stl, .STL, .ttxt, .sub, .mpl, .rt, .smi, .srt, .ssa, .usf.


".rm", ".rmvb", ".hdmov", ".moov", ".mpeg", ".mpg", ".mpe", ".mpg2", ".mpeg1", ".mpeg4", ".divx", ".dvr-ms", ".ogv", ".mxf", ".m2p", ".dv", ".dif", ".webm", ".hevc", ".h265", ".265", ".matroshka", ".nut", ".idcin", ".rawvideo", ".wtv", ".pva", ".nsv", ".cdxl", ".xl", ".bink", ".dnxhd", ".yuv4mpegpipe", ".y4m", ".vc1", ".bmv", ".iv8", ".pjs", ".dirac", ".roq", ".smjpeg", ".mjpg", ".cavsvideo", ".thp", ".flic", ".ivf", ".mtv", ".nuv", ".r3d", ".mjpeg", ".vivo", ".avs", ".mp4", ".mov", ".avi", ".flv", ".mkv", ".vob", ".qt", ".m2ts", ".asf", ".wm", ".wmv", ".ts", ".3g2", ".3gp2", ".3gp", ".3gpp", ".m4v", ".mp4v", ".f4v", ".mts".


".sf", ".dts", ".avr", ".ape", ".apl", ".mac", ".mmf", ".aea", ".afc", ".mlp", ".nist", ".sph", ".paf", ".fap", ".xa", ".gsm", ".bit", ".voc", ".adx", ".ircam", ".wv", ".vb", ".son", ".iff", ".al", ".mpc", ".oma", ".omg", ".aa3", ".rso", ".vmd", ".sbg", ".w64", ".brstm", ".shn", ".tak", ".ass", ".dtshd", ".tta", ".boa", ".vqf", ".vql", ".vqe", ".daud", ".mp3", ".wav", ".m4a", ".wma", ".aac", ".wave", ".ogg", ".adt", ".adts", ".ac3", ".ec3",".flac", ".amr", ".au", ".aiff", ".aif", ".aifc", ".caf", ".qcp", ".act".

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