Revo Uninstaller - Windows 10 Computer Cleaning Software

Revo Uninstaller is specially designed to remove the programs you no longer need, with all traces in the registry. Since uninstalling Windows software is not as easy as it seems to be, you need to use special utilities. With its simple and intuitive interface, the app is smooth and highly configurable. Save time and effort to improve your computer performance with Revo Uninstaller. Download Free from NeonBand Store!
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Possessing 3 modes for your convenience: Advanced, Secure, and Medium.

Removing leftover files, folders, and programs without the possibility of restore.

Uninstalling a program, removing its entry from the list, opening its install point.

Cleaning the history of opening documents and inserted external files in all MS office apps.

Detecting all the software installed on your PC and allowing to choose the one to be removed.

Deleting unnecessary and temporary files, cache, cookies, history data of browsers from your system.

Performing a very smooth removal process, including creation of backup copy in case something goes wrong.