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Typing Master – Great Windows 10 Tutor

There is no need to look at the keyboard while typing. We’ve got an exceptional answer for you – Typing Master 10, a tool for increasing your speed and accuracy.

Get concentrated, practice day by day, and achieve excellent results!

Typing Master – Great Windows 10 Tutor

Main Functions

The software proposes a progressive way of typing. It means that each lesson provides you with new keys. You can also play master games – a fun way – in order to succeed faster.

Main Functions With Typing Master

Cool Features

Create an account with your personal data to save results and progress. Moreover, the app covers the whole keyboards and points at your weak fingers keys, including digits, spell marks, etc. So, you get personalized feedback and training recommendations to type as rapidly as possible.

Cool Features With Typing Master

Pure Interface

With the colorful highlighted keyboard, you can learn the correct finger placements and techniques, as well as type all the desired text intuitively and quickly.

Pure Interface With Typing Master


Keep your hands on the keyboard – eyes on the screen!

Typing Master – Learn to type playfully!

Summaries With Typing Master

Learn more about app’s features & Download Typing Master 10 Now!


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by Kate Davydova | Last updated: March 26, 2019

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